Our Approach

A podcast dedicated to telling the stories of Panama and the Canal Zone. Comprised of 3 sections:

The Beginning
The History of the Isthmus of Panama

The Middle
The construction of the Railroad,
French effort and the US construction

The End
The Treaty, the turnover and the events
up to the present

The Hub

For news
and updates, a place to listen to the Podcasts and to share stories, histories, legends and facts.

The purpose
of the hub is to have a centralized location for the gathering, production and distribution of the stories unique to Panama, the Canal Zone and Zonians.

Our Approach

Our Story

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We're always grateful for any support we can get. Want to fund new recording equipment or be a guest on our podcast? Do you have a story you'd like to share? Or all of the above? Write us and let us know!

Meet the Team

Have a look behind the scenes and find out how to get involved.

Henry Twohy


Producer, Writer & Voice Over

Henry Twohy is a voice over artist and actor of the stage, screen and internet. He was born in the Canal Zone of Panama and has formal training in the theatrical arts as well as being a licensed broadcaster and a film producer accredited in the Republic of Panama.

Carina Weber

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Creative & Administrator

Carina Weber studied International Office Management at the Heidelberg International Business Academy, Germany. She is fluent in English, Spanish and German. She's a problem solver and has many years of experience in the theatre industry as director and actress.